Kavre Jaycees, wishes you a very happy Tihar, 2011
Pride of Nepal
Culture of Nepal
banepa, snowfall @ Capital
Temple, Culture of Nepal
Rath Jatra, Culture of Nepal
“ JCI encourages all of us to seek excellence, and to be an example for the world to follow ”
-Kevin Cullinane


Jaycees is a "Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs" which has worldwide membership between age of 18 to 40, JCI Kavre Nepal (Kavre Jaycees) is a pioneer Jaycees chapter in Nepal, affiliated to JCI Kavre-Nepal (Nepal Jaycees) and Junior Chamber International, Inc. JCI Kavre-Nepal holds proud history of 33 years. It was established in 1977. JCI Kavre-Nepal is a leading chapter in Nepal where the young people of the community join in a friendly environment to train themselves to develop leadership qualities, by means of active participation in Jaycees activities and in the mean time to develop the community and own self. The active participation in Jaycees activities has provided opportunities to many youth individual to develop and bring forth their inner ability.

President Speech

Dear JC Collogues and Well wishers,
Welcome to our official website, I hope that Kavre Jaycees and the whole team will be able to share serve and interact globally to fulfill the JCI vision and mission through this first step to the Information technology.

National Anthem

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